Growing Up Farms is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to empowering communities and individuals with the knowledge and skills to make better food choices and take control of where their food comes from



Growing Up Farms will also include training programs within our facilities to offer experience, knowledge and guidance in the creation of other urban farmers in our communities. Working with individuals or groups who display an interest in starting their own facilities, we will offer a comprehensive training program. We will offer practical advice on fundraising, food production, markets and all of the other aspects needed to bring these facilities into other communities. This will offer a chance for people to control a portion of their own food production and consumption


Engaging with kids is vital to our vision of changing the way people think about the food they buy and consume. Drastically increased levels of obesity and type-2 diabetes is a clear signal that we need to rethink the way we are teaching our youth about food. Through in-school programs as well as programs at our facilities we will offer a first-hand experience to kids and adults on how to make better food choices

Community Outreach

We will create mobile and portable versions of our growing systems so we can take them out into the public and teach people about the importance and benefits of producing food locally. Through farmer's markets, fairs and other public events that revolve around food we will be able to engage the public and display the viability of growing food in urban conditions

The Facility

We are currently developing an indoor growing facility that will be located in an industrial warehouse in San Francisco. Using the latest techniques in aquaponics, hydroponics and vertical farming, we will prove the viability of growing food indoors under urban conditions. This facility will act both as a research facility for perfecting these methods as well as a training ground for those looking to create their own facilities in their own neighborhoods

We will also be developing mobile and portable growing units that we can take out into the public for education and outreach events. These units can be taken to schools and attend other food events in order to spread the word about the efficacy and importance of growing our food locally and making better food choices



We are building and operating an indoor, urban, aquaponics farm. We will use this facility to train individuals and organizations to build their own facilities in their own neighborhoods and thus take control of their food supply.


We will provide year-round employment opportunities in the agriculture industry to produce food locally. We will sell the food to restaurants and the public to support our education and training programs


Connecting people to their food results in better food choices and better nutrition. Local food reduces the amount of energy it takes to move food from the farm to the dinner table. Urban agriculture brings food jobs to neighborhoods that need them and provides increased food security to urban areas